St Anne’s Values

St Anne’s vision is for our children to be independent, motivated, and confident learners who aspire to achieve their full potential within our friendly Christian school community. Through Christian values we nurture our children to be caring, responsible global citizens. We focus on a value each month over a two year cycle. The meaning of each value is explored during collective worship and followed up in the classroom. The whole school community reflects on how each value relates to their everyday lives.

“The school has a set of shared values which underpin everything from daily classroom plans to senior leadership decisions. This ensures that the provision for promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills is very strong.…”


St Anne’s Christian Values

We use these values to guide us in our everyday life.
We focus on one value every month and aim to practise all the values in all that we do.


British Values

At St. Anne’s we also work hard to promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. We embed these values throughout our curriculum and our school day.

We demonstrate British values through;

Mutual Respect and ToleranceWe learn about understanding other religions and cultural background to promote peace. We discuss and appreciate the difference between people, faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability.
The Rule of LawWe learn about what laws are, why we have them and how they keep us safe.
Individual LibertyWe provide opportunities to develop self-esteem and confidence as individuals across the curriculum.
DemocracyWe learn about the importance of freedom of speech and how voting is our chance to have our say.