We are a warm and close knit family at St Anne’s with one cohort  per age range from 3 to 11 years.

As a result of our close bonds with each other, we expect that the children who begin their education with us in the Nursery will stay with us for the full eight years. In fact, many pop back to visit after leaving St Anne’s for secondary school and beyond!

As a Church school a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith and an awareness of Christian values is encouraged. We aim to provide a caring and spiritually supportive environment in which mutual respect, equality and responsibility are valued by all. Our Christian ethos enables us to help children develop their spirituality and sense of moral purpose.

The practice of spirituality is as important as learning about it in class, and the life and achievements of the children are celebrated in worship. The children come together everyday for collective worship and each class leads collective worship each term.

Additionally, Holy Communion is celebrated on several occasions in St Anne’s Church. Parents are encouraged to join in all these events in which the children take a full and active part.

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