Year 3

Welcome to Maple Class

Staff in Maple Class

Class Teacher: Miss. Haywoode

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Errington

Moving into Year 3 can feel like a big jump up from Key Stage 1, however we offer as much support to children as we can to help them navigate being a part of Key Stage 2.

We aim to create a fun, safe learning environment that prepares children for the rest of their journey through the school while inspiring curiosity and having fun. We are very hands on in Year 3 and enjoy taking part in practical activities and approaching learning from different directions.

We follow a very creative topic-based curriculum where we try to tie in as much learning as possible to the topic we are studying, which builds a depth of knowledge and understanding and excitement for learning.

Our Topics This Year

  • Autumn – Who lived in Britain First?
  • Spring – Who built the Pyramids?
  • Summer – Would you cut down the Great Kapok Tree?

Please see the Yearly Overview for more details.