Year 6

Welcome to Elm Class!

Staff In Elm class

Miss Thorn and Miss Helling

Elm class is the final year of KS2 and the last step of the children’s journey at St Anne’s Primary school. During this year, children in Elm class will be given many opportunities to develop their sense of independence and responsibility to ensure they are well prepared for the next chapter in the learning journey.

In autumn term, children have the chance to become captains of the house teams. As team captains, children will be responsible for leading their teams during special events such as sport’s day and team afternoons.

Children also have the chance to go on a special residential activity trip to PGL. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to develop confidence and resilience as they spend two days away from home, taking part in a number of challenging activities.

Throughout the year, children will prepare for the end of KS2 SAT’s. Taking place in May, the KS2 SATs give the children an opportunity to showcase all of the fact and apply all of the skills that they have learnt throughout KS2.

In summer term, all children celebrate the year by showcasing their performance skills in the end of KS2 production, the perfect end to a wonderful year.

Our Topics this Year

Autumn- How did migration change Britain?
Spring- Why did the world go to war?
Summer- How did the Romans shape Britain?

Please see the Yearly Overview for more details.