Year 1

Welcome to Olive Class

Staff in Olive Class

Class Teacher: Mr Glackin-McColgan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ashby

I love being in Olive class! We have so much fun learning.

Olive class pupil 2023

Year One is a big step up from reception and it can be a scary step for some. This is why we make it our priority to ease the children into a slow transition from reception.

To do this we ensure that the children become familiar with their new environment as soon as possible. We explore the new building they are in as well as our classroom. We follow a continuous provision map in the first few weeks of school so that they can become accustomed to their new manipulatives and helpful tools in the classroom. We build on the knowledge children have gained in the early years. This is then slowly transitioned into a more formal work environment where they have a table seat that they can work at. We make sure to change up our groups so that the max amount of learning can be created in their group work.

We follow a creative curriculum to stimulate the children’s interests and learning through different topics. We also promote being part of a team and working together. We continue to teach the children the value of kindness in the classroom, and we encourage resilience to inspire the children to take a more independent approach to their learning and to grow from their mistakes. Curriculum topics each term are carefully chosen in order to capture the children’s imagination and form the basis for much of their learning in English, Science, History, Geography and Art. Maths skills are taught and developed with a focus on applying skills through investigations and word problems.

It is not all classroom learning in year one, we also get the opportunity to go on amazing class trips to promote our love of learning and discover more about the world of education outside the classroom. We also have the responsibility of being the school’s nature nurturers, showing the rest of St Annes how to care for the creatures of the world.

Olive Class Trip to the Tower of London 2022
Olive Class Trip to the Wetland Centre 2022

I really enjoyed our class trip to the wetland centre and earning my badge as a nature nurturer

olive class pupil 2022


Phonics is a very important lesson that is taught twice daily in year one. St Anne’s follow the Little Wandle Phonics Scheme weekly to ensure that the children build up their skills and confidence in using phonics. We encourage parents to practise phonics at home with the children to help solidify their knowledge; this can be done alongside their daily reading at home. This is all in preparation for the children’s phonics screening that is done every year.

Our Topics This Year

  • Autumn – Terrific Toys
  • Spring – Our Wonderful World
  • Summer – Kings and Queens

Please see the Yearly Overview for more details.