Attendance Reporting & Absences

Absence, Attendance and Medical Matters

It is compulsory for children of school age to attend school. At St Anne’s C.E. Primary School we keep records of attendance and require a letter, email, telephone call or message to the school office informing us of the reasons why a child has been absent. If possible, absences should be reported on the first morning that a child is unable to attend school. This is particularly important if a child has an infectious or contagious disease as some infections have to be reported to the Local Health Authority. A child’s absence will be recorded as authorised or unauthorised. At the end of the school year, children’s attendance is recorded on their school report as the percentage of attendance achieved.

If a child achieves 100% attendance in a term, they are rewarded with an attendance certificate. The Education Welfare Officer visits St Anne’s C.E. Primary School regularly and meets with the Head teacher to discuss children’s attendance. Any child who has noticeable absence, or is continually late for school, is reported and the Educational Welfare Officer will write to, call or visit parents.

Holidays should not be taken in school time as this causes disruption to a child’s learning. Any absence for holiday is not a right; it is at the Head teacher’s discretion on behalf of the Governing Body whether to grant leave of absence. If a family knows it has a pending absence it is important that they complete an absence request form outlining the details of absence and the Head teacher will decide whether the absence can be authorised. This form is retained on file.

The school’s attendance figures for the previous academic year are published in the school date card. The school has an annual target for attendance which is agreed with the Local Education Authority. The Local Authority and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) monitor this.

You can view a PDF of our full Attendance Policy below.

Medical Matters

It is strongly recommended that all children have had the relevant immunisations or vaccinations before they start school.

Prescribed medicines can be given to children for short term ailments provided they are handed to the office by the parent/ carer with full written instructions on dosage and a consent form has been completed. Forms are available from the office or the link below. The medication must be clearly marked with the child’s name and class.

When a child has an existing medical condition, which may require treatment at school, we ask that notification is given prior to Admission. A signed consent form must be completed including full dosage instructions.

If a child has an accident, there are trained first aiders who can administer basic treatments. If a child is more seriously hurt or ill, parents are informed immediately.