Inclusion & SEND

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Information Report

At St Anne’s Church of England Primary School we work within the Wandsworth guidance on Provision for children with SEN in mainstream schools. This explains the ways pupils with different additional needs are provided for within the school. We also follow our ‘Equality and Disability’ policy, and we also have an ‘Accessibility’ plan.

At St Anne’s, all pupils, regardless of their particular needs, are offered inclusive teaching which enables them to make the best possible progress in school and feel that they are a valued member of the wider school community. St Anne’s may offer the following range of provision to support children with communication and interaction, cognition and learning difficulties, social, mental health problems or sensory or physical needs.

Our SENDCo is Anna Chalcraft, and you can contact her via the school office on 02088741863- Wednesday to Friday or

What should I do if I am concerned about my child’s progress or special educational needs?

1.      You should speak to your child’s class teacher. You can arrange a suitable time to meet either by talking to your child’s teacher directly at the end of the day or by calling the school office on 02088741863.

2.      If concerns about your child’s progress remain, the next step may be for the class teacher to discuss the issue with the SENDCo, Anna Chalcraft.

How does the school decide whether a child has special educational needs and what extra help they need?

Ongoing daily monitoring by the class teacher, and termly Pupil Progress Review Meetings between the class teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, take place to allow staff to identify pupils who are not making progress or who have special educational needs which are affecting their ability to engage in learning activities.

After discussions with key staff, additional support will be put into place to provide enhanced resources and targeted small group and / or individual support to help overcome any difficulties.

Regular reviews of this additional support.

Where a child continues not to make expected progress, the class teacher and the SENDCo will arrange to meet with parents to set short term targets and plan further provision. The views of the pupil or young person about their support will be given consideration at this point. At this point an ‘Early Help Assessment’ form may be completed to enable referrals to external agencies as required. Their advice and recommendations are included in these support programmes. Actions agreed take into account each pupil’s strengths as well as their difficulties. Pupils are involved in reviewing their own learning and target setting.

Review meetings, known as ‘Team Around the Child’ meetings (TACs) are held regularly. Parents, and when appropriate, relevant external agencies and/or pupils are invited to this review and their contribution is valued. The impact of support offered is considered along with the progress towards targets set. The outcomes of these meetings will be recorded. Support arrangements will be updated and revised accordingly.

If your child is continuing to have significant difficulties, further external expertise may be requested. Additional funding is available for children who meet the criteria.  In order to access this further external expertise, the school, parents, the Local Authority and external agencies must be in agreement and an ‘Educational Health and Care Plan’ will be put together. Further details about this process will be explained in the LA Local Offer which is outlined on the Family Information Service website.

Statutory Assessments or an Education Health and Care Plans are annually reviewed.

If a child transfers mid-year and has already been identified with SEND, St Anne’s will liaise with your children’s previous school/setting to ensure a smooth transition and appropriate provision continues.

How will I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

·         In Terms One and Two, Parents Evenings are held with your child’s class teacher.

·         For children with SEND, an additional review meeting will be held in the summer term.

·         Progress towards targets and future provision plans are shared.

·         If necessary, more regular review meetings are held.

·         Copies of any targets set, and provision are outlined on an Individual Support Plan and explained and shared with parents.

·         Parents can make an appointment to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss strategies and advice to support their child at home.

How will my child be involved and consulted? Children with SEND will be helped to create their own ‘Passport’ where they are encouraged to identify their areas of strength and areas for development and strategies that help them to overcome any difficulties. These are reviewed regularly and also support transition through year groups. Children are included in the setting and reviewing of their own targets.
How do you assess and review my child’s progress? 
o   Teacher assessment on a daily basis
o   Half termly assessments
o   Pupil Progress Review Meetings with the teacher and senior leadership team
o   Assess, plan, do, review cycles for children with special educational needs
o   Annual reviews for children with statements/EHCPs

How is teaching and the curriculum adapted to my child’s needs?

Teachers are well skilled at adapting teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Daily planning takes into account individual pupil’s needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all pupils can experience success and challenge in their learning. A wide range of resources are accessed as appropriate to meet individual needs.

Grouping arrangements are organised flexibly to maximise learning opportunities for all.

Additional adults are used flexibly to help groups and individual pupils with a long-term goal of developing independent learning skills. Monitoring takes place to avoid pupils becoming over reliant and dependent on this adult support.

What training and specialist skills do the staff supporting children with SEND have or are having?

 All teaching staff receive on-going support and training within school or out of school throughout the year in order to provide consistent high-quality teaching which is inclusive of all children.

 What Interventions may be offered at St Anne’s?

 English and Maths Interventions may include:

·         Direct Phonics

·         Rapid Read

·         Accele Read Accele Write

·         Write Away

·         OT fine motor support groups

·         OT gross motor support groups

·         Clicker 5

·         Early morning precision teaching

·         Numicon

·         RM Maths

Speech, Language and Communication Interventions may include:

·          Narrative group

·          Teach-Talk

·          Social skills group.

Our teaching staff and support assistants are all trained in meeting the needs of children with social communication difficulties within the classroom. Their training is regularly updated. We receive ongoing support from the school’s Speech and Language therapist. Children referred to the service receive group and/or 1:1 teaching linked to specific targets. Support staff are trained by the therapist to deliver the teaching. We also have ongoing support from Wandsworth Autism Advisory Service (WAAS) for children with a diagnosis of autism and outreach support from Victoria Drive.

Strategies and advice for teaching staff is accessed regularly and as required. This includes:

–      Visual timetables and visual aids

–      Now and Next Boards

–      Social stories

–      Transition planning moving to new year groups

–      Developing independence (TEACHH system)

–      Precision teaching

Emotional Well-Being Interventions may include:

–      Social skills

–      Self-esteem building

–      Draw and Talk therapy sessions

–      Friendship skills/Circle of Friends

–      Drop in sessions

–      Anger management

–      Playground Buddies

 We have two trained Emotional Literacy Support Teaching Assistant (ELSA) who is able to provide small group or 1:1 support for children with a wide range of emotional or behavioural difficulties.

How do you do to make the school environment and curriculum accessible for all children?

Please refer to our Physical Accessibility statement for detailed information. The school is regularly reviewed to ensure that the curriculum and site are accessible to all children. We may provide the following resources to support children in the classroom:

o    ICT equipment and software

o   Move ‘n’ sit cushions

o   Exam access arrangements

How will the school prepare my child to join the school or transfer to a new school?

If your child is joining our school or moving to another school we liaise with their previous school and any external agencies already involved. We endeavour to provide a smooth transition. If your child is in Year 6 the SENDCo will liaise directly with the Secondary School SENDCo

What specialist services from outside does the school use to help meet children’s needs and how do you work together?

·         Speech and Language Therapy Services

·         Hearing Impaired Service

·         Behaviour and Learning Support Service

·         Wandsworth Autism Advisory Service

·         Occupational Therapy Services

·         Sensory and PD outreach services

·         Educational Psychology Services

·         Developmental Paediatrics

·         ACCESS child and youth mental health team

If referrals are made to outside services, they may be invited to attend regular TAC meetings as detailed above. They may observe or formally assess your child to gather as much information as possible. They will also speak to teachers and parents. They will attend TAC meetings where required and will share findings and help develop strategies to support your child in school.

All services will work collaboratively, developing a ‘Team Around the Child’. The team will set appropriate targets, plan for provision and review progress regularly.

 What will you do if my child has medical needs?
We work closely with parents and health care professionals and the school nurse to ensure your child is able to access the curriculum. Training is provided for staff where required.
What should I do if I am unhappy with my child’s support or progress? 
We will always endeavour to ensure every child meets their potential at St Anne’s. 
If you are unhappy in any way with your child’s progress or support, please speak to the class teacher in the first instance, then the SENDCo or Head Teacher, as soon as your concerns arise. 
If necessary please refer to the school complaints policy
Where can I go for further advice and support?
The Wandsworth Parent Partnership Service (Information Advice Support Service for parents/carers of children with SEN/disability) provides an impartial and confidential service to all parents of children with SEND. Visit their website at or telephone 020 8871 8061.

The Wandsworth Parents’ Forum “Positive Parent Action” works with the Council to improve all provision for children and young people with SEN and Disabilities aged 0 to 25. If you want to get involved in influencing services visit their website at or telephone 020 8947 5260.
More information about the Local Offer of services and support for children and young people with special needs and disabilities in Wandsworth can be found on the Family Information website at Their helpline is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 020 8871 7899

The information in this report is accurate now, but we regularly review and make changes to what we offer and keep this information as up to date as possible.

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