At our school, we believe that prayer and worship bring us together to share our beliefs so that we respect, love, and value each other. Prayer and worship bring us to a place of hope and peace.

We have 3 prayers at our school, including the Lord’s Prayer:

Each class creates its own start of the day prayer.

Start of the day prayer for Olive Class:

Dear God, Thank you for our families and our friends. I am sorry when I do not make good choices. Hlep me to be a better person. Amen.

End of day prayer for all classes:

God our Father, I come to say,
Thank you for your love today.
Thank you for my family,
And all the friends you give to me.
Guard me in the dark of night,
And in the morning, send your light.

School prayer:

Dear God, send your blessing on our school. As we draw on the past, may we listen to the future. As we learn, may we listen to each other. As we build our vision, may we listen to your voice. Open us to what is new. Inspire us to go forward together. Enable us to succeed in all that we do. And, whatever we do, help us remember that you are there with us. Amen.”

Children are encouraged to write their own prayers, in response to current issues, or school events. They are recorded in a class books and shared in collective worship.