Hi Pine cones,

I hope that you have all had a lovely week and are still enjoying your time at home.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received any work back from you this week, so I just want to remind you all to send in any photos of your work to me via email. Send your work to admin@st-annes.wandsworth.sch.uk and put Pine as the subject heading.

It is so important that you are continuing your learning at home and are completing some of the activities that I am setting for you every Monday.

Well done to Mohamed- Hadi, Kamal, Sade, Kirill, Iona, Amira, Maxwell, Cassie and Lena for playing Sumdog and practising their maths skills this week. I have rewarded you all with 100 coins!

It has been a very busy week here at St Anne’s as some of our Year 6, year 1 and reception children are now back at school. It has been lovely to be back in the classroom and teaching again but I am still missing being in our classroom with all of you. I am sitting here in Pine class now, writing to you and it is very strange to look around and not see your smiling faces but it wont’ be long until we are all back together again 🙂


Have the best weekend,

Miss Thorn 🙂