What a week we had! For many of the children, this was their first time away from home, but they had so much fun they didn’t want to come home!

On the first evening we played Ambush!

“It was so fun playing in the dark woods and Miss Johnston scared Miss Beard” – Kacey

On the first day we had:

Aeroball, trapeze, sports games and Raft Building.

“I faced my fear on the trapeze and jumped off the top!”- Declan

In the evening our activity was Campfire!

“I loved eating the marshmallows and learning the camp songs”- Jemima

On the Second day we had:

Giant swing, challenge course, jacob’s ladder and buggy building

“Giant swing was my favourite, lots of people screamed!” -Zamira

In the evening our activity was Quiz night

“I loved the music round and we won the quiz!”- Rayann

On the third day we had:

Rifle shooting, Zip wire, Abseiling, Orienteering

“I really enjoyed rifle shooting, I even hit the bull-eyes”- David

In the evening we had the DISCO!!

“The disco was so fun”- All the children

The final day we had:

Climbing and sensory trail.

” Sensory trail was so scary because we were blindfolded!”