At St Anne’s we aim to deliver a rich maths curriculum based on the Teaching for Mastery approach. Through Teaching for mastery, our goal is for every  child to feel confident and engaged in all maths lessons. By progressing through each strand of mathematics in small steps, children are able to develop and secure a deep and rich understanding of each mathematical concept.

This is achieved by exploring concepts using a range of resources:

Concrete: using hands on manipulatives (counters, cubes etc.) to introduce a concept

Pictorial: using pictures and drawings to represent the concept in a variety of ways

Abstract: understanding problems written in the form of calculations e.g. 4 x 4 = 12



Tackling a concept in this way throughout the school, from Acorns right upto Elms, ensures that all children are supported in deepening their understanding of every maths concept.

We place high importance on factual fluency and practising the core arithmetic skills daily during our maths meetings. These are then built upon in our whole school maths lessons where children work through a variety of fluency problems, reasoning challenges and problem solving investigations in every lesson.

Here are a number of websites that you can use to help children with their maths learning at home.


BBC Bitesize- KS1 and KS2


Primary Games arena

Primary Homework


The school run- great maths glossary for parents


Hit the button- great for times tables and number bonds


Maths Zone – gives great links to lots of online maths games