As we move into the month of June, it is time for our value to change.
This month our value is Community.

Community poster June 20

A community is a group of people living or working together in the same area. People in communities might go to the same schools, shop in the same stores and do the same things. They also help each other and solve problems together. We are a strong community, the St. Anne’s family, and during these tricky times it is important that we come together and care for each other. We are more powerful together, looking out for each other.

This month try and connect with your local members of your community. Send an email to your teachers, speak to your friends and meet them for a picnic in the park.

Community" By Brian Solis (With images) | Community quotes ...

What kind of communities are you in? Let us start with your family. They are a type of community because they usually live together and do a lot of the same things. Then there are your friends. They share your ideas and probably go to the same school. Your neighbourhood is a community, here in Wandsworth we have to look out for each other. What is the biggest community? Probably the universe. We are all part of it.

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