Morning Elms,

Hope you are all well!  It was so nice to see more of your work this week. Thank you, Rayann, Jahmal, Danial and Joe! I really hope you enjoyed learning about volcanoes, I know I did! If you haven’t sent it work, I would really like to see your information leaflets on Volcanoes so please send them in!

I’ve seen amazing maths from Rayann and Jahmal.

Danial has been working hard completing lots of the tasks, including the RE.

Joe even attempted the volcano experiment!

Continuing to think about our mental health but this time here are some top tips for being kind to ourselves!

  1. Put it on paper. Writing or drawing a picture that says “I like you” or “thanks for coming to my house to play” are easy things to write down and can mean a lot to the person you are writing to. You can even try writing a note of kindness to yourself!
  2. Talk about the good things. Ask each person in your family to say one good thing about their day. This helps us to identify and focus in on positive experiences from the day. “I had fun playing soccer at recess” or “My lunch was extra-yummy” are all examples of good things you might say.
  3. Lend a helping hand. Helping others can be a great way to show kindness – and it can make you feel good too! Help your little brother get dressed, clean up your books, or help mom wash dishes or set the dinner table.
  4. Be kind to your body. Eating healthy foods, like fruits and veggies, and being active by riding bikes, kicking a ball or playing on the playground are all ways to show our bodies kindness. Getting lots of sleep is important too.
  5. Encourage yourself. Go me! It can be easy to say unkind things about ourselves when we make a mistake or do not do well on a test. Instead, try saying encouraging things like “At least I won’t make that mistake again!” or “I just need to keep practising and I’ll be better every time.”


Your body or your mind?
Would you rather keep your body or your mind?
Would you still want your body without your thoughts?
If you could switch minds with anyone, who would it be? And why?
This is a daring one for your parents! Try switching roles with them for a day (maybe just a morning) You become the parent and they become a child.
Think about how each of you act and discuss what happened. Did you like it or not? 
Thinking about your mind and body being separate, watch the film Avatar. Would you like to become an Avatar?


Word of Wandsworth are launching an exciting poetry competition in schools across the borough, for children in KS1 and KS2. The theme this year is ‘happiness’.

To enter the competition, write a poem all about happiness. It can be written in any style you like, the only rule is that it can’t be more than 20 lines long.

For more details of the competition and how to enter click here: WoW Poetry Competition