Good Morning Elms,

How was your half term? The weather was glorious, I really enjoyed going for lots of lake swims and cycle rides… What did you do? So May is now over, which concludes our Active May challenge, send in some pictures of you completing it to get your certificate!

So we are now in June, this year is all blurring into one, I can’t believe how long it has been since we were all together! From Wednesday, we are opening the school to year 6, which means some of us will be back together. I know this isn’t possible for all of you right now, which is okay, home learning is still a great option and remember how important routine is to keeping us gong.

This week’s theme is explorers!

We live in an amazing world, so many different places to explore, and hopefully learning about some famous explorers might inspire you for the future! I hope you enjoy this topic I would love to see more of your work this week so please send it in to: and put Elm in the subject line.

Elm Week 11 Home Learning

Maths lesson worksheets:

Monday- Lesson 1 Fractions to percentages

Tuesday- Lesson 2 – Equivalent FDP

Wednesday Lesson 3 – Order FDP

Thursday- Lesson 4 – Percentage of an amount

To get us started for the week, can you solve this brain teaser?

Have a fantastic week, enjoy learning about explorers, keep being positive, looking after yourself and your family members and I look forward to seeing some of you on Wednesday