The Headteacher and Governors of St. Anne’s C.E. Primary School consider that educational visits enhance the provision of the National Curriculum and enrich all children’s educational experience.

Educational visits will therefore be permitted and encouraged during some or all of the school day.

An Educational Visit will be defined as:

  • Children taken off-site, accompanied by the minimum recommended number of approved adults, to a venue that will meet the criteria set out above.
  • Visiting performers, professionals and instructors, to the school, who will meet the criteria set out above.
  • A residential visit (School Journey) for which there is a separate policy attached.

The Headteacher and Governing Body are committed to ensuring that each visit is safe, represents value for money; that all costs associated are reasonable and that it is within the scope of the majority of families.

Where there is a charge for any part of or all of the visit then a ‘Voluntary Contribution’ will be requested from the parents/carers of each child and will be banked to the School Journey in the Disbursement Account.
The voluntary contribution will be calculated for each visit and could include any of the following;

The charges of any commercial provider.

  • Any transport component.
  • Entry charges to facilities including those for adults who are supervising and/or accompanying the children.
  • Any equipment hire.
  • Staffing and instruction.
  • Pre-visit costs.

Should any contributions total more than that which is required for the visit or venture then this amount will be used to subsidise other visits.

Families who have genuine financial hardship will be offered support on an individual basis depending on circumstances. The Headteacher or the member of staff delegated responsibility, will make this decision.

Nursery Top-Up Fees – Full-Time Children Only

The Local Authority funds 8 Nursery full-time places, the school funds 5 places and any places over and above are funded by charging the parent a daily rate.  Contact the school direct for current prices.


The school endeavours to provide a variety of after school clubs for the children.  The school will ask the parents for a voluntary contribution and the school will fund the shortfall from the annual budget.

Extended Schools

The school offers extended school services before and after school for those parents who require this provision.  A daily rate is applied on application.

Last Reviewed June 2016