Week 2 in Willow Class

Hello everyone!

We’ve completed our first full week in Willow Class! I have been so impressed with how quickly everyone has adapted to Year 2 routines and gotten back into the swing of school again.

The highlight of this week was meeting Granny from our class text: George’s Marvellous Medicine. She interrupted our English class and was so rude to the children… calling them disgusting, horrid and revolting! We’ve been busy learning the recipe to make her medicine. Apparently she’ll be back to visit soon – check back in next week to see if we’ve cured her of her nasty ways!

We’ve also introduced a new reward for beautiful presentation and handwriting this week… Handwriting Hero! Children get rewarded with a mask (which they get to wear all day!) for presenting their work with care and pride. Do you recognise any of these handwriting superheroes under their masks?


In Music this week we learnt about pulse. We learnt about counting to 8 and then repeating – have a look at our video of the children’s own clapping sequences. Aiden kept us in time by keeping a steady pulse on the tambourine!

Today’s Friday Merit winners were:

George for excellent behaviour all week on the carpet. He’s been a role model to his peers by showing amazing listening and participating in loads of class discussions!

Sofia for great effort in her Maths and English. She has been really challenging herself to try the trickier tasks and activities.

Check back on Monday for next week’s home learning.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hallgarten