Dear Acorns,

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! From today, you will be able to pick up a new home learning pack from the school office. Inside you will find:

  • Your own Numberblocks threading number line
  • A hungry caterpillar – can you help thread the caterpillar a chrysalis?
  • Beads, a pipe cleaner and elastic for threading with
  • A few bits to create your own Ice Cream Parlour role-play at home


Over the next few weeks and summer, you could try out some of these fun activities:

Summer Term Home Learning Activities

This will be the last Monday home learning post although I still hope to be adding a couple of fun ideas or videos and your home learning updates each Friday!

This week’s story of the week is ‘Sharing a Shell’. Another rhyming story by Julia Donaldson!

Why not use the pictures from your last home learning pack to make some puppets for the story?

Here are some fun activities if you have a printer at home:

Could you create your very own seaside artwork? Here are a few ideas!


As the weather is so hot, it could be fun to set up your own Ice Cream Parlour at home. There are a few bits for this in your home learning pack and here is a recipe for play dough. You could make some different coloured play dough to use as the ice cream.

Play Dough Recipe

I would still love to keep hearing from you, send photos from your home learning to with Acorns as the subject line. Busy Bee awards will still be awarded until the end of term. How many have you collected so far?

Have a wonderful week Acorns!

Best wishes,

Mrs Eyre