Hi Acorns,

I have some very exciting news…..the butterflies hatched on Monday! They spent a few days in the butterfly hotel drinking sugar water (this is a lot like nectar which butterflies normally drink from plants and flowers).

Here is a video update where you can watch our 5 butterflies – Colin, Carol, Mari, Wriggly and Still being released outside. They flew away so quickly that I didn’t manage to catch them all!

Here is Frederick celebrating his Busy Bee award at home!

Well done to this week’s Busy Bees Joseph, Mackensie, Poppy, Josiah and Joseph!

Joseph has been very busy solving number problems at home, he has done a great job at putting the numbers into order. Well done Joseph!


Josiah has been enjoying family time with Hannah and Elijah in the sunshine. Look at Josiah’s amazing Lego model that he created!

Mackensie and sister Maddy have mastered the moves in this Cosmic Yoga! Mackensie has also been getting very crafty learning how to use big girl scissors and playing one of our favourite games in Acorn Class ‘Pop up Pirate’.


Joseph has had lots of fun slipping and sliding with some foot printing outside this week. Look at how fantastic Joseph’s life cycle of a frog is and well done to Joseph for giving our rhyming game a go too!


Poppy has had lots of cuddles with baby sister Violet this week and scooting in fantastic fancy dress! Well done Poppy for having a go at the frog life cycle activity. I can’t wait to see pictures of the frog pond that you might be making this weekend!


Here is a beautiful story/song to share which celebrates different ways of life, it is a great story for thought and discussion. I hope you enjoy singing along!

From Monday you will be able to collect a new home learning pack for this term. Inside the pack you will find a bean and cup with instructions for planting and a very special Bumblebear surprise…!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

Mrs Eyre