Dear Acorns,

Happy Monday! I hope that you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

This week is Mental Health Week so some of the activities will be helping us to keep our minds healthy this week. There is a special video to watch as this week’s first challenge. Miss Morgan has also made a really special story time for this book which is on our whole class blog.

Here are this week’s challenges:

Jasper’s Beanstalk Challenges week 2

This week I have something exciting to show you all! I have some new pets to look after, some tiny little caterpillars. Here they are eating their food


  • How many tiny caterpillars can you count?
  • I need your help naming the caterpillars! When you send me your photos this week, can you think of one name for a caterpillar and send me your idea?
  • Once the caterpillars have eaten enough food, what will happen to them next?

I will keep you updated with photos and videos so you can watch them grow and change.

Resources for this week’s challenges:

I will be adding a video later on this week with instructions for planting your bean.

  • Lucy’s Blue Day story

  • Cosmic Yoga – Coco the butterfly

  • Spaghetti beanstalk instructions

Spaghetti Beanstalks

  • Titch story

I would love to hear about your learning at home this week, send photos to with Acorn in the subject line.

Best wishes,

Mrs Eyre