German-inspired cooking

Today we had a go at a new cooking skill, we focussed on our ability to accurately follow a recipe and how to knead dough! It was a new skill for all of us and it was exciting to give it a go, our pretzels even tasted good!

Vegetable day!

Promoting healthy eating at St.Annes is extremely important! To enjoy the day we had a fun run and a fruit sculpture competition! We really enjoyed dressing up and it linked well with our cooking in DT!

Cooking- Mexican Style

Today we cooked quesadillas! We had to follow a recipe and make sure we had thought about having a hygienic workstation! We were looking at our cooking skills such as: grating, chopping and dicing and then frying with adult support. We even got to taste our creations!

Super Sports Day!











What a super morning!

We had so much fun at sports day- running lots of races and being apart of our houses’ teams!

Thank you to all the parents that came down to help/support; it was lovely to have so many of you there!

24 Wandsworth Competition

A huge congratulations to the three boys in Year 5, who represented St.Anne’s in the Wandsworth 24 Competition. They all did amazing, and ended up coming in bronze place in the team competition out  of over 16 schools and a special mention to Ato, who came in overall second place in the individual competition out of all the children in Wandsworth!

All the hard work in the four operations has really paid off, and you have become extremely speedy in your mental Maths, and we’re very proud!

Artist visit to start Art Week!

Art week has arrived and we’ve been lucky enough to already have been visited by an artist to complete a really exciting workshop!

First we made collages, using archaeological images (that’s what the artist has an interest in) and we looked at the different shapes we could take from the images. From this, we then turned our 2D collages into 3D sculptures. She taught us about different modelling techniques we could use to make our candle holders. We all really enjoyed the workshop and learnt about all the different types of things we could do to become an artist, and how many ways we can show our creativity- even when we aren’t the best at drawing!


Trip to the science museum!

What a day we have had! Today we were lucky enough to have a trip to the Science museum to speak to someone who went to space! We got to ask questions about life in space and find out all about whether there is more life beyond. Then we had a workshop where we learnt about explosions and got to try out all the amazing experiments in the Wonder-lab! To finish off the day we went to the IMAX to watch ‘The wonderful planet’ where we literally felt like we were in space!

What an experience- we are going to sleep well today (after the football match!)


Blasting off to space!

For homework, year 5 made some amazing rockets in preparation for going off to the science museum as apart of our space topic!


160th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to St.Anne’s school!

Today we had a fantastic tea party to celebrate the school’s birthday!

Thank you so much to everyone who brought in food, it made the tea party even better!

Snow White Drama Workshop!

What an exciting day we’ve had! Today a visitor, from Performance X, came and did a workshop for us, on Performance through dance. We were telling the story of snow white, showing emotions with our faces and bodies all without words!